by Cousin

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Cousin recorded their self-titled debut on two of the hottest summer days just off of the beaten heart-paths of Toronto’s main arteries. After trudging through an off-the-floor recording session, overdubs, and the trips through cummy smelling alley-ways, scavenging for fast food and the sacred lickybow, these nine songs of tube driven rock are ready to be birthed into your waxy ears.


released May 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Cousin Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Breather
I’ll call, on my way
a new breath, on old waves
at least lets act surprised
those tongues that we crave
and our lungs, that give weight
I took out my eyes, and listened to the street
so tall, there was some union to it
it was bleeding
it was breathing
Track Name: Kamin
I’ll Split the headache even though it’s not mine
we wander like, teenage city eyes
we’re dead lay in bed, then out at night
marvelous, those teenage city minds
risky hearts, arm n’ arm, quick to include,
you go to shows you thought you’d never get into
we sing in the street a sound intrudes
my heart is beating like I had a couple things to say
to you
throwing up in your best friends bathroom
passing out on the couch the room spins you
my mind man it’s getting messy
And you’re bleeding like you had a couple things to say
To me
Track Name: 8-Bit
get all your friends for another distraction
go forward and back where’s the action button
there’s the day, it’s bent
unevenly planned, and spent
just let me get to the good bit
stick around for the 10th resurrection, politic, applicant, no satisfaction,
there’s the day, it’s bent
management, management
just let me get to the good bit
all I want is a high high score
stand in line with a bloodsucker’s wait-time,
hear the sound of eternity through loudspeaker systems
there’s the day, it’s bent, you’re held up,
then dead
Track Name: Young Liars
you said you wouldn’t tell
you’re giving up the kill
liar, liar
brought up to yes-we-can
but we’re tired
name tag’s got your man
no desire
there’s a change coming, and its coming on quick,
my hands can’t get a grip, on these young liars
there’s a change that comes, and it comes too quick,
why can’t I get a grip, on these young liars
waiting and wishing well
for hire
though you’ve never felt
there’s a change that comes and it comes too quick
remember when we said we were lions
Track Name: Jawbreakah
take the side street stumble
dodging night obstacles
sucking on a cellular phone
to the corner store, where the kids are crying
there’s new management once in a while
they’re always singin’
what is your problem?
I used to get a jawbreaker
for six pence
now my girl says, you make no sense boy
boy get some cents
darling hurry with your plans,
everyone is breaking in, and I don’t want to miss a thing
there’s a part I like where we all fight for hard candy like it’s everything
so what is your problem?
I used to get a jawbreaker
for six pence now my girl says you make no sense boy, boy get some cents
I won’t do it clean
Track Name: Mountain Slip
mountains slip and we’re under
crushed to the bottom by plates and past summers, move into each other
and when I’m coughing up sand, will you still love this man?
mouth quips are discovered, post post the facts, and the data analysis of your language, I got nothing on it, excavate a translation
hey baby, I got a lot to show ya
so dig me up
hot licks from the magma, I’m swimming through this tar man and I feel disastrous,
take some Advil though the headache’s past,
I need some crystallization
hey baby. I got a lot to show you, so dig me up
somewhere its dead, but it’s not gone
Track Name: Northern Criminals
best be Nimble, the best go quick
another parable, another Shtick
I just want some diligence
you’re bought and sold and ostensible
I don’t want your syntax, just something more believable
those northern criminals
I don’t know, maybe your teachers will have an answer
in paper folds, cleverly hidden somewhere
and we’ll pay for it
slip into a credit card,
those northern criminals
you are my fluorescent star
those nothern criminals
why is it always give or take
sense of respect becomes loose change
we always hit those dead dead ends
and never kill bad bad habbits
those northern criminals
Track Name: Lawnchair
when I am older, I want a lawn chair
something impossible to stay on, so I keep moving
so warn all the sages, I’m keeping my clothes, and singing all the summer notes, to the turn and jive
sneaking in to the letdown, flash don’t flake and get past enemy lines, wanna feel the rush, grab a drink get a push from a friend that isn’t mine
cause she’s not everyone you know
it’s, temporary gold
when I’m older, I’ll take the long stairs, in a constant reminaissance,
Imma liquid, I’m on liquid
don’t set the mast sailor, I’m not going back to a Byzantine Empire, like a busy teen retired
keep my ear to the ground, fall sleep, come round and I loose track of time,
wanna hear the sound of a sound of a dream, it’s the superlative crime
cause he’s not everyone you know
it’s, temporary gold
cause she’s everyone you know
he’s everyone you know
Track Name: Chump
there’s no luck in this face
just a chump with wet brains
well lately, I can relate,
when I wake up to a strange window, I’m still rolling like a blank bottle to the night vigils
on the hot summer days, we wore tattooed jerseys of the bands we used to love
I’m more of a haunt man, now
those old songs are melting in an open box by the place where I said
hey, stay, and bend the river with me
my Suzanne she rowed away, from a spectacular dream
and dreams
end up in a bender just give me a bartender that will stay up and listen to this
when I ramble to the lamp glow, sing to my beerbottle,
oh these night vigils keep me awake
stay and bend the river with me
my Suzanne she rowed away, from a spectacular dream
and dreams
are for chumps like me